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New prototype XX Tall Unit

New prototype XX Tall Unit

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Simple ideas can be the start of big things, and no one knows that better than Phillip Brooksbank, president of Medco Equipment, Inc. in New Brighton. The company began 10 years ago with a simple idea: Nursing homes could use a safe and sanitary way to clean residents' wheelchairs quickly. And so began Medco Equipment, manufacturers of the multi-purpose industrial wheelchair washer. Hospitals and nursing homes have leased or purchased over 1,700 units to date.

Consumers today are demanding the highest level of cleanliness possible. Medco Equipment is working to help make that a reality. Since the company started, they have expanded to produce shopping cart washers and are now in the process of developing an automatic dog washer (available for veterinary clinics and kennels, with a personal home model a future possibility), and a high chair washer for distribution in restaurants in the future.

"We build customers through trial and trust," says Brooksbank. Customer satisfaction is key!

This steadily growing business has customers all over the world, from most of the United States and Canada to Puerto Rico and New Zealand, and with the strength of the euro they are now looking to expand to the United Kingdom.

Brooksbank visits as many as 27 trade shows a year and new ideas are always in the works. "The ability to be flexible with products has helped make us successful," says Brooksbank.