Wheelchair Washer / Case Study

Infection Control News Bulletin
Happy Medco Customer Jose Bravo

Jose Bravo
Sunnyview Care Center

Jose’ Bravo is one of many happy Medco customers. “You can sense Jose’s smile over the telephone especially when it comes to talking about his Medco washer that they have used daily since 1998!” says Phillip Brooksbank President & Co-founder of Medco Equipment. They purchased our washer in 1998 and other than regular chemical orders we never heard from them until 2009 when they needed new chemical squeeze tubes. Eleven years before anything needed replacing is about average for the Medco washer because we build the washer to be durable and simple. Again the washer ran like a charm daily for another eight years, then in February of 2017 Jose called to say after 19 years his big pump impellor needed replacing. I told Jose’ that we haven’t sold that pump and impellor for over eighteen years but that I would look through our parts dept. I found just what Jose’ needed and I overnighted it to him all at no cost. Jose’ had his washer up and running the very next day!

Jose’ and all of the people at Sunnyview Care Center are special to Medco because they have trusted us for over nineteen years sanitizing their wheelchairs. Thank you to Jose’ for his skills, trust and smile!

Medco washers are now sanitizing over 3.5 million wheelchairs yearly. Please call us for references in your area.

Phillip Brooksbank
President - Medco® Equipment, Inc.