Wheelchair Washer Buyers Guide

Medco’s heavy duty spin arm
  • Medco’s heavy duty spin arm is "MASSIVE"!
  • Eight solid brass over sized spray nozzles
  • Solid brass spinner fitting
  • Solid stainless steel reinforced PVC schedule 80 fittings
  • Huge ¾" pipe for MAXIMUM FLO
  • Over 30" long
  • Custom shaped for higher clearance
  • Custom bent piping for higher PSI

Every part we build to construct the Medco washer is extra heavy duty. From the castors built with stainless steel fasteners to the spin arm. All of our parts - plumbing, stainless steel cabinets, pumps, impellors, motors, controls etc. look like they are on steroids!

Only the best become Medco parts.

Details consumers "must demand" when buying a wheelchair washer

  1. Demand "a 30 day free trial". Why not "try before you buy"? Would you buy a car before driving it? Of course not! Only Medco offers the free 30 day trial and their over 2,000 customers love it!
  2. Demand "free delivery". Why pay shipping fees? Only Medco offers free 7 day air ride delivery.
  3. Demand "the safest washer made." Only Medco has an OSHA approved inside emergency exit door handle. What do you think would happen if someone were to be locked in "the other trap-like washers? Panic, injury, death? " If it can happen - it will!
  4. Demand a washer "designed to wash two chairs at a time." The Medco washer has been washing two chairs at a time since 1997! Don't believe it? Call us for hundreds of references. Do your dishes in your dishwasher placed side by side get clean? Of course they do! The same principle is true with the Medco washer.
  5. Demand "300 washes per gallon of wash and rinse chemicals". Why accept 50 washes per gallon? Do you want to pay 6 TIMES the retail cost of chemicals every day? Only Medco owns "documented" independent laboratory proof that bacteria is reduced by 99.9% with one 5 minute cycle. Yes, we have "documented proof" that 300 washes per gallon of wash and rinse with 99.9% bacteria is a "scientific fact". Ask the others for "documents".
  6. Demand "a 5 year wall-to-wall parts warranty". Includes "everything" not 1 year this, 2nd year that or 3rd year something else. Do you want to fight about what is warrantied and what isn't? Only Medco offers overnight parts delivery for their "5 year all parts warranty"(included on all purchases).
  7. Demand complete "rust-free plumbing", pumps/impellors. Don't accept rusty galvanized pipe and pumps - rust never sleeps! Do you want rusty water rusting your wheelchairs? Only Medco is rust-free.
  8. Demand "fresh water wash and rinse cycles". "No bacterial cross-contamination" from "recycled" dirty water. Would you use second hand bath water from one patient to the next? Of course not! Why do it with your wheelchairs? Only Medco has the fresh water wash and rinse system.
  9. Demand "solid-state electronics", why spend time and money de-liming float switches? If not maintained daily what happens? Overflow? Flood? Only Medco has all solid-state electronics - no float switches, no de-liming ever - Maintenance Free!
  10. Demand "a fuse-free system" - no fuses to repair and replace. Only Medco has no fuses to blow out. Q: Do you like changing fuses in your home or car? Why do it at work? High maintenance! Do you want to call an electrician every time a fuse blows?
  11. Demand "a filter-free system" - no clumsy micro filters to "clean daily" and replace - too costly and timely, if not cleaned daily then what happens? Only Medco has no filters to clean and replace.
  12. Demand "one solenoid valve". Why use five valves when one will do? Only Medco uses one water valve system. Trouble-free.
  13. Only Medco® gives you free start up chemicals!
  14. Demand "low maintenance". The Medco washer has been specifically designed to run maintenance-free. It's similar to new cars today with 100,000 miles maintenance free service. You can expect the same service free mileage with Medco's Model 64 and 64X. Why do some companies list over 20 pages of troubleshooting on their website? Would you buy a new car that included 20 pages of troubleshooting? Ridiculous! Medco has "no" trouble shooting pages because we have no trouble!!!
  15. Demand "1 washer fits all". No confusing models with hyped up useless options "no bait and switch". "Only Medco" offers the industry standard.

When you pay thousands of dollars for a washer you deserve the highest quality standard available. Medco is the highest quality washer built. Ask any of our over 2,000 customers. They will tell you "not only is it a great machine - it's a great company".


WHY BUY Medco?

  • Free Trial
  • Free Delivery
  • Safest washer made
  • Washes 2 chairs at a time - Up to 20 wheelchairs in 1 hour! Also washes commode chairs, shower chairs, etc., "multi-purpose"
  • 300 washes per gallon of wash and rinse
  • 5 year warranty on all parts
  • Rust-free wash system
  • Fresh water cycles - no recycled water used
  • Solid-state electronics - no float switches, fuses or filters to replace
  • One solenoid
  • Free chemicals
  • Low maintenance design
  • CE, C/UL, UL Listed