Wheelchair Washer / Multi-Purpose Washer Pricing

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Wheelchair washer by Medco Equipment, Inc.
Medco® Multi-Purpose WASHERS come with a
FREE, no obligation trial!*

Pricing options include; month-to-month rental, lease to purchase or a one-time purchase option.
No credit application or doc fees. Call for more details!


  • Lifetime " Wall-to-Wall" Parts on ALL RENTALS
  • Best in the Industry!
  • "Wall-to-Wall" Parts - 5 years W/Purchase & Lease/Purchase

Trial, Rent or Buy, Free Delivery!!!

Save Over $3,000.00 Every Year In Labor Costs! (Washing 100 Chairs per Month)

The Medco Washer “Pays For Itself” in just over 4 years!

Don't Wait To Buy - Buy Now And Start Saving $3,000.00 per Year!

$3,000.00 Annual Cost Reduction with Medco Washer:
Save Over $31,000.00 In Labor Costs Over 10 Years!

 ManualMedco Washer
Number of wheelchairs monthly100100
Approximate hourly wage$10$10
Minutes to clean one chair205
Hours, monthly, to clean wheelchairs348
Monthly labor cost$340$80
Annual labor cost$4,080$960 = $3,120 yearly savings

Achieve Cost Savings AND "Control Infectious Bacteria"! (Documented Proof!)

Wash the whole range of equipment including:
Wheelchairs Commode Chairs Shower Chairs
Carts Stackable Plastic Chairs Walkers
IV Poles Bedside Tables Blinds
Window Screens Bedside Rails Hoist Slings
A/C and Heating Vent Grills Fluorescent Light Diffusers and More!

40 Year Use Life! 5 Year Warranty - Wall-To-Wall Parts