Medco’s heavy duty spin arm

Medco's OSHA approved Anti-Trap Enclosure inside door handle is standard equipment on every Medco washer. Medco washers are the safest washers on the planet. Not one single reported accident since the company began in 1994.

The Medco design is -
SAFE(inside exit door handle)
SIMPLE(one button operation)
EFFECTIVE(99.9% bacteria reduction)
EFFICIENT(Approx. 300 washes per gallon of wash & rinse in a 5 minute cycle)
DURABLE(All stainless steel construction and all rust free plumbing & components)

Medco®> is #1 in safety. Our customers demand the safest wheelchair washers made. That’s why they "Buy Medco®"

Medco® is a pioneer of the Wheelchair Washer industry. In the history of our company there has never been an accident reported to us related to our Wheelchair Washer. It's truly amazing when you consider our wheelchair washers are now washing over 3.4 million chairs yearly!

Don't get trapped! Medco® Wheelchair Washers feature an Interior Emergency Exit Handle to prevent anyone getting trapped inside. The Interior Emergency Exit Handle is an exclusive innovation of Medco Equipment®.

  • Rust-free plumbing - no galvanized pipes
  • Emergency exit - inside front door handle
  • CE, C/UL, UL Listed
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Emergency door switch
  • One button operation
  • Rust-free plumbing - thermally protected, UL listed
  • Solid-state electronics - no fuses
  • Locking rear door handle
  • Safety door - solid stainless steel
  • Two 20 foot heavy-duty hoses with heavy duty fittings
  • Safe chemicals, all biodegradable and are stored in a locking compartment
  • Manual drain switch
  • Anti-cross contamination cycles, no re-used water
  • Five year wall-to-wall warranty on parts
  • Four locking swivel heavy-duty casters
  • Set fill times - no float switches to fail
  • Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services Approved (see below)
Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services Approved